Cougar Marching Band

We are the Pride of Niwot!

Fall semester – “Marching Band” – no audition required. (We become an indoor concert band in mid-Oct.)

Spring semester – “Symphonic Band” – almost all the same students as Fall semester, no audition required.  Two groups – Silver Band (Block 5), Green Band (Block 3)

The 2017 Fall Field Show is:


1. Opener – Rent

Student dot sheet – Rent Dot Sheet PDF

Group Drill – Rent

2. Ballad – Will I?

Student dot sheet – Will I? Dot Sheet PDF

Group Drill – Will I?

3. Closer – Seasons of Love

Student dot sheet – Seasons of Love/Finale B Dot Sheet PDF

Group Drill – Seasons of Love & Finale B


Why join Marching Band? Check out Susan’s answer





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