The marching band needs a great deal of parental support to continue to be a successful and proud program!  For each performance, we need at least 2 large vehicles to move large instruments and ladders to the stadium we perform at (usually Montgomery Field at Longmont High School).  We also need around 2 parents to ride buses and/or help supervise students in the stands.  Please contact us if you can help!

Please check the tally before signing up to be a volunteer. Email niwotbands@gmail.com to sign up!!

Supervision/ladder transport – parent with large vehicle to transport ladder from NHS to Everly Montgomery Field, help move that ladder into position on front sideline for pre-game and half-time performances, and transport ladder back to NHS. During the game this parent can help supervise students in bleachers.

Pit Crew – parent, with large vehicle, will help transport and move various percussion instruments (xylophone, wind chimes, hi-hat) to and from the football field for half-time performance.

Water – Parent will transport two (2) big water jugs, and three (3) clear plastic bins filled with individual water bottles for marching band students for football games OR pull wheeled cart with water bottles for parades.


2013 Volunteer List

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